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The Music of Stan Mahler
The next best thing to hearing Stan in person is listening to his recordings. No real cowboy pickup should be without a copy!

Ridin' The Range With You
This recording features some of Stans' best vocals, including his two most requested songs, Chime Bells and Ponies.

Track 1: Travlin' Light
Track 2: Ridin' The Range With You
Track 3: Nite Riders Lament
Track 4: Ghost Riders
Track 5: Streets Of Laredo
Track 6: Canadian River Waltz
Track 7: Nobody's Darlin'
Track 8: Chime Bells
Track 9: Adobe Hacienda
Track 10: Ponies

Your collection of western music will not be complete without a copy. Order your copy today.
Ordering Information

CD's - $ 15.00 - Including Shipping

Send check or money order to:
Stan Mahler                                                                                                                  
7229 FM 210
Olney, Texas 76374

FREE upon request!
Personalize your purchase with an autograph.

"No pickup is complete without this recording of cowboy songs!"
Wrangler Productions, San Angelo, TX
Working Ranch Cowboy Association Finals Rodeo November 2011


Stan Mahler - Music